April 14, 2018 Catarina Folkes

Special Sundays

Partnership Sunday is May 6th!
Did you know it takes dozens of people every week to create these awesome environments where we come to worship and learn together? We believe that everyone has a role here and we want you to be part of the Team. Visit StorehouseChurch.com/Volunteer to learn more. If you already serve at Storehouse, you do not want to miss this week! Thank You to all who serve – you understand what it means to BE the church and this Sunday is all about you, so make sure to be here.
Special Guest Speaker, David Eaton – Sunday, May 13!
David founded Axis because of his passion to see the good news about Jesus transform students, families, culture, and the beautiful-but-broken world that we live in! As CEO, he spends time collaborating with the Axis team, sharing their vision with generous friends of Axis, creating content that always surprises and intrigues, and answering email! David received his degree in engineering from LeTourneau University, where he served as Student Body President. He has spent a total of 10 months in 17 foreign countries. David loves his wonderfully creative wife Lindsey and their darling daughter Shiloh Abigail.